Want to hit the trampolines as soon as you can?
Complete this list to ensure a smoother check-in process!


1. Have you completed your wavier? Head over to www.bounceinc.com.sg/waiver to get yours done if you haven’t!

Comfortable clothes!

2. Dress comfortably, and bring covered shoes if you’re attempting to conquer our X-Park.

Socks socks socks!

3. Socks socks socks! Bring along your BOUNCE socks if you’ve purchased them previously, or you can buy them online/over the counter for $3 if you don’t have a pair. Alternatively, you can also choose to trade in socks from other trampoline parks for $1.

arrive early!

4. Arrive at least 15mins earlier to avoid the loss of jump time!

book online!

5. We always encourage our jumpers to book online in order to avoid disappointment, but if booking in-venue is your only option, be sure to check for availability on our website first!