Saturday Night Jams

Three hours of pure awesomeness!

3 hours of pure awesomeness at $30

Every Saturday 8pm-11pm

3 hours of pure awesomeness, epic lighting effects and sick tunes to keep you grooving all night!

Run & bounce across 24,000 sqft of trampolines with epic lighting effects and the sick tuuuuunes blasting all night long. Conquer the free-running adventure obstacle course, X-Park and jam out with your friends! Perform your sick combo moves at the Performance Trampolines, throw yourself into mid-air and land soft into the Big Bag, bounce wild the Free-Jumping arena, battle out at the Dodgeball trampolines and take it to the hoop like Mike at the Slam Dunk trampoline. Keep your adrenaline pumping through your Saturday night!

BOUNCE Saturday Night Jam Trampoline Park

BOUNCE Saturday Night Jams Trampoline Park


Escape the shopping crowd and jam out at Saturday Night Jams. Show us your sick combos and take some time off the ground. You have all the time to teach yourself how to soar in the 3 hours of pure awesomeness.

The Saturday Night Jams just got more awesome with epic neon lighting effects. Sure to keep you grooving on and off the trampolines.


Terms & Conditions:

Price is per person, grip socks not included

Saturday Night Jams can be booked online using the Saturday Night Jams Session ticket and must be booked on a Saturday duh.

 Look for the “Saturday Night Jams” logo on the session you’re choosing (try hovering on the logo to find the name)

General Access and Student Session tickets do not apply for Saturday Night Jams Sessions unlimited jump time, but are still available if you only want one session

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BOUNCE Saturday Night Jams Trampoline Park