Membership frequently asked questions

(Valid for memberships purchased before july 2018)


I am a Parent, should I register the Membership Card under my name or my 2 children’s name?

The Membership Card entitlements are only for the Card Holder. If you have two kids, you will need to apply for a membership for both kids under their own names.

How do I register for BOUNCE Membership Card?

Come to BOUNCE Singapore, present a valid student card / identification card / passport during registration and fill up a registration form. Online registrations are not available at this time.

How long is the BOUNCE Membership Card valid for?

BOUNCE Membership Card remains valid for one year from date of BOUNCE Membership application.

What are the benefits of getting a BOUNCE Membership Card?

Benefits are stated below, a BOUNCE Membership Welcome Kit will also be provided. – 20% off for General Admission, Student Session & Junior Jumper ticket types – 10% off Food & Beverages at BOUNCE Singapore – 10% off BOUNCE Merchandise – Member Rates for selected BOUNCE Programs – Exclusive invites to BOUNCE Members Only Events – Discounts with BOUNCE’s preferred partners

Can I buy tickets for my friends (who are non-members) and get the discounts & entitlements for them?

No. BOUNCE Membership Card is non-transferable, Members cannot book for accompanying guests at member’s rates as verification of member’s status is required at check-in and any difference in ticket price is payable prior to entry.

How do I use my Membership Card Entitlements?

For walk-in purchases, the original BOUNCE Membership Card must be presented at point of purchase to enjoy the privileges of the Membership Card. For online bookings, Member needs to book tickets under the Member ticket type to enjoy the discounts. No refunds for incorrectly booked sessions. Original Membership Card must be presented upon check in at BOUNCE Singapore.

Can I change the name of my Membership Card or transfer to someone else after collection?

The BOUNCE Membership Card is non-transferable. Upon collection of the BOUNCE Membership Card, the Card Member acknowledges that all application details are deemed to be correct, no changes of printed details on the card can be done after collection.

What should I do if I lose or damage my card?

Any missing or damaged Membership Card can be replaced at a fee of SGD$5.00 at BOUNCE Singapore upon presentation of a valid student card/identification card/passport.

I am already a Member, what if I forget to bring my BOUNCE Membership Card?

You may be granted entry if the via a valid student card / identification card / passport. Final determination on entry will be by BOUNCE Management.

I am already a Member, what if I booked the wrong tickets that did not entitle me to the discounts of the BOUNCE Membership Card?

For online booking, Member needs to book tickets under the Member ticket type to enjoy the discounts, no refunds for incorrectly booked sessions.

I am already a Member, can I get a refund of my card because I don’t use it anymore?

BOUNCE Membership Card cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash.

How do I find out more info?

Please call our friendly customer service team on +65 6816 2879. Or send us an email to [email protected] . If you can’t get through our phone number, try sending us an email instead and we will get back to you shortly.