Kinder Gym Trial Class

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BOUNCE Kinder Gym Trampoline Park Singapore

Kinder Gym

Kids Gymnastics Program

Kinder Gym is a Gymnastics Australia program specifically designed for 3–5 year old pre-schoolers. Hosted & supervised by specially trained BOUNCE Kinder Gym coaches, it incorporates the unique fun and physical health benefits of trampolining.

Kids have fun in a safe, multi-sensory environment. Classes are structured to develop kids socially, physically, emotionally and cognitively. Kinder Gym helps your kids to build self-expression, confidence and skills on and off the trampolines!

Little hoppers can expect to make some new friends. They will have lots of fun together in the process which involves jumping, landing, rolling and balancing as well. While the kids are jumping and moving, we’ve got some pom poms, ribbons, bean bags, hoops and all sort of little fun things to keep them thrilled!

Sign up for a trial class or check out more on Kinder Gym pricing, schedules and details below!


Sign Up For A Trial Class

Be one of the lucky ones to try out Kinder Gym! All you need to bring for the trial class is your official BOUNCE Grip Socks and to fill up the compulsory waiver here. Of course, the chosen ones will have to meet the minimum age and limit, read more here. We will notify you the trial class confirmation via email. Join trial class now!

  • Drop us a form below to arrange date (walk-in unavailable)
  • 10am till 11am
  • Trial is valid only once per person, not for repeat usage