Junior Jumpers

It’s never too early to get the mini bouncers involved! Make your kids part of the tribe and get them bouncing during our dedicated Junior Jumper hours.

junior jumpers sessions
Mon-Fri: 10am – 4PM
Sat-Sun, PH: 9am – 12pm

Junior Jumper sessions are designed with your little ones in mind. Let them go bananas in the Free-Jump Arena, land soft in our giant Big Air Bag or try battling their mates in Dodgeball.

Whatever part of our Adrenaline Playground they choose, it’ll be pure awesomeness in the safest possible environment.



  1. Who qualifies as a Junior Jumper?
    A Junior Jumper is any who is over 3 years old and under 110cm in height.

  2. What are Junior Jumpers hours?
    Monday – Friday: 10am to 4pm, Saturday – Sunday: 9am to 12pm

  3. What areas can a Junior Jumper use?
    Junior Jumpers can run wild in the Big Bag, Slam Dunk, Dodgeball, and Free Jump areas.

  4. What happens if I book a child under 110cm outside of Junior Jumper hours?
    Unfortunately, any children under 110cm in height who are not booked within the specified hours will not be able to bounce.

  5. Why are the hours limited for Junior Jumpers?
    These are the best hours for the mini bouncers to get the most out of their sessions. The customer demographic is younger, making it safer for them to get their jump on.