Rebound Exercise Programs For Athletic Fitness

BOUNCE Fit is a multi-level class consisting of low-impact cardio and toning exercises that is suitable for beginner to advanced jumpers.

Each 45 minute class will strengthen your core, improve all-over muscle tone and lift your heart rate. Most of all, it makes you smile, laugh and experience airborne fun supercharged with all the benefits of rebound exercise!

Types of BOUNCE Fit Classes


High-intensity workout targeted at toning your abs, butt and thighs with body weight exercises to shape and achieve a stronger lower body.

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A jumping-based class combining cardio, toning and core fitness for a whole body workout!

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tone – new class!

Achieve full body toning on the trampolines with the incorporation of light-weight equipment and resistance bands.

class schedule

BOUNCE Fit Pricing:

multi Visit pass Sessions 

We offer Multi Visit Passes (MVP)for 5 sessions, 10 sessions, and 20 sessions.
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Single Session

Single Session class is perfect for a trial before committing to a Multi Visit Pass. Single Sessions can be purchased and booked directly online here.